AT&T Performing Arts Center

Capital One Bank Members Lounge, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas, Texas

The challenge was to integrate the Capital One Bank brand into a mezzanine level lobby. The space is incredibly minimal causing any messaging to stand out (just the opposite of many brand installations). The key was to keep true to the materials and surfaces already present. We chose to partition an area by means of stainless steel and etched glass panels. Each panel corresponded with a surface treatment related to the existing space. We decided to use text to incorporate the brand message, allowing Capital One Bank to verbalize its passion and support for the arts. The space also had to be removable when events warranted it so the entire installation was built on bases that could easily be moved and stored when those occasion arose. The greatest compliment came from the members asking if the architect had designed this addition himself.


Walll Wording Straight On.JPG